Zinsel skin heal benefits:

  • Heals most skin disorders
  • Anti-aging – builds new skin collagen
  • Moisturising Removes and heals inflamed skin (redness) Has calming effects on stressed individuals
  • Improves texture and tone of skin
  • Smoothens and softens the skin Illuminates oily sheen (including T-Zone area)
  • Prevents further breakouts
  • Heals existing blemishes
  • Improves nail and hair condition imzo health

Zinsel Hair

Zinsel H works by providing the right supplements in the right proportions to help stimulate the body to grow new scalp hair. The key ingredients have been clinically proven by what appears to involve an increase in the proportion of growing hair (anagen phase) and an accompanying decrease in the proportion of resting hair (telogen phase), an increase in the length of hair grown (shown as a decrease in the proportion of hair which is less than 30 mm in length) and a reduction in the amount of hair being shed from the scalp.imzo hair

Zinsel Cellulite

Zinsel C ” is a unique combination of Phyto and Micro nutrients, designed to help smooth the lumpy effects of cellulite. This product helps to detoxify the skin by using powerful antioxidants and circulation enhancer’s.

Detoxifying allows the body to smooth out uneven skin texture and lumpiness.

Zinsel C works through a combination of highly concentrated ingredients.

Zinsel C is foodstate and has an 80% absorption rate. Only effective when used in conjunction with a moderate exercise program and a calorie controlled diet.

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