Microblading is not new, in fact it is the oldest form of permanent make-up, it a manual method of permanent make-up which creates hair stokes. Hair strokes can be created using a manual tool or a machine. What is new is the tool that we use to do microblading and the name given to the treatment. However, don’t think that it is something completely different. In fact what you must know is that it is an advanced method of permanent make-up and it is imperative that the technician has done full training in PMU in order to know how to microblade. Unfortunately some people think they can learn this art in 3 days and I can assure you, as an experienced trainer since 1990, you cannot become proficient in 3 days without full knowledge and training of all the modalities of PMU. It is quite common to use several techniques when doing a treatment which may include machine work with a nano needle or single bar needle as well as some form of shading and microblading.