We treat dilated capillaries / telangiectasia on the face with IPL and on the legs with ND Yag laser.  These treatments are highly successful, but required between 4 and 8 treatments depending on the severity and depth of the capillaries and the feeder veins into those capillaries.


For those of you with sun damage, age spots, pigmentation, diffused redness, rosacea, acne and sun induced premature ageing -we now have a solution!

ELLIPSE has created a photo rejuvenation and vascular treatment to deal safely and effectively with these problems.

This treatment however is only suited to medium and light complexions where there is a pronounced contrast between colour or blood supply, and the surrounding skin. This will allow the light to target the desired area only, and not the surrounding skin.

A client should expect to have 1-3 treatments with approximately 6 week intervals.

If you would like more information about your individual concerns, please call us and book a free consultation with one of our therapists.

ND Yag Laser

This non-invasive method for removing thread veins / capillaries and superficial blue veins on the legs is extremely effective with very little down time. It works by shutting down the feeder veins which create the red capillaries to dilate, thus stopping the blood supply so superficially and redirecting it to the deeper vessels.  It is minimally uncomfortable and requires between 4 and 10 treatments depending on the severity of the problem.